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icon Safety Practices
Indiscriminate usage of powerful pesticides may be efficient in eliminating pest immediately but the damage caused to our health and to the ecological system is very dangerous. In fumigation services we comply with all the rules and regulations as per the local laws in usage of the pesticides. Dosages are calculated keeping in view the safety of the cargo and safety of the operator who is performing the fumigation operations. The fumigants dosage is fixed after evaluating the degree of infestation. Gas masks with canisters are used while carrying out fumigation/ aeration and also while monitoring gas concentration.

At fumigation services we are in the process of constantly learning and developing new process that will suit our customer´s requirements. We attend most of the training sessions that are conducted in India and abroad to offer the best services to our customers. As members of NPMA USA we have access to the latest technologies in field of Fumigation and insect control.
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