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AFAS—India Joint System Review

The 2011 Joint Systems Review (JSR) of AFAS in India was conducted from 19 April to 5 May 2011. A total of 18 companies were audited in Jodhpur, Tuticorin and Chennai. With the audit team regularly working in temperatures above 40 degrees, this was certainly one of the most challenging JSRs to have been conducted in recent times.
Indian JSR Team As was the case in 2010, the audit team was accompanied by the Australian Agricultural Post in India, Mr. Ian Mortimer, who was pleased to see firsthand, fumigations and audits taking place.

The standard of compliance with AFAS was broad, but special mention must go to the following companies, AFASIN001 (Fumigation Services- Chennai), AFASIN002 (Fumigation Services- Tuticorin), AFASIN039 and AFASIN063, whose level of compliance was outstanding.
The founder of Fumigation Services, Johnson Chacko has completed professional training by imparted by Mr. Peter Meadows of Peter Meadows Pty Ltd in May 2004 at Sydney. The successful training has culminated in the achievement of Certification of Competence as per the standards of Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) Quarantine treatment.

Mr. Johnson is an certified fumigator by the New South wales Government and holds the license to carry out fumigation in Australia .Fumigation Services technical staffs have been trained similarly in India at Chennai, Mumbai and periodically are being audited on their technical expertise by approved AQIS assessors. Fumigation Services had been audited by ACHETA UK and have been awarded certificate of excellence. Fumigation Services have been the members of the NPMA USA since 1990 onwards.
Overseas Operations

Johnson Chacko, founder of Fumigation Services has visited several countries like Algeria, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Australia, UK and many European countries for the last 28 years of his profession. He has been keen in learning the techniques used by fumigation and pest control professional experts of the industry and relentlessly worked towards implementing those standards in Indian operations. Mr. Johnson has carried out fumigation of 5000 metric tons of tobacco at SNTA - National Company of Tobacco and Matches; Algeria in 1994.
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